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Please contact Doug Davis or Brad Davis at (704) 289-9894 to inquire about the following items.  We are a full service company with the ability to relocate your machine, or containerize for overseas shipment.  In addition, we have storage facilities available to store your equipment until you are prepared to complete your project.

New Listing!!!
Misc IR  Bulbs


Brand New!!!
Pneumatic Control
--->(Replaces Solenoid That Controls Headstops)
No Adjustments! TROUBLE FREE! EASY Installation!

240 Volt
240 Volt Pnuematic Control pic 1

24Volt DC
24 Volt Dc Pnuematic Control

1994 Man Roland
46,222,365 Million Impressions
Type 202 LP
Serial # 256
NR 23058B 07367
Elderman R/R
4 Gripper Bar System
Weko Spray
No Damage

Roland Pic 1

Roland Pic 2

Give us a call for More Information on Extension & Dryer below!!!

Ext With Dryer

Ext With Dryer

Ext With Dryer


After 25 years of dealing with Planeta parts and service, we have had repeated calls in several areas.Because of this, International Graphics Technologies (IGT) and Innovative Press Control (IPC) have teamed up to offer the following items:

    Double Sheet Detector. This Double Sheet Detector is presently working successfully for a number of our customers.The Detector works on a variety of substrates ranging from thin paper to thick board.Conveniently, no operator adjustments are needed once installation and set-up is complete.On a press previously equipped with a capacitive double sheet detector, typical installation takes approximately 4 hours.Installation will vary from press to press.
Cost is: $1,700.00 (Installation is Additional Charge)

    Front Eye System. Replace your old Planeta eye system with our PLC Controlled system.Our system replaces the Eye Amplifiers and 2 Eyes with an AB PLC and AB Photo Eyes that are readily available.

Cost is:$4,500.00 (Installation is Additional Charge)
    Micrologix Shift Register Board Replacement.This system eliminates your Shift Register Boards and replaces with a PLC system.
Cost is: $5,000.00 (Installation is Additional Charge)

    Feeder Electrical Upgrade.Replace your old system with our PLC controlled system.Our System replaces A40 Amplifier (Amplifier Feeder Light Barrier), A42 (Amplifier Feeder Pile Height Control), B14 (Light Barrier Sender), B15 (Light Barrier Receiver), and B16 (Slot Type Pile Height Control).

Cost is: $2,500.00 (Installation is Additional Charge)

If you would like to inquire further about any of these or any other vast arrays of parts as well as extensive Planeta services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call TODAY!

(704) 289-9894

84 & 90 Horsepower Motors Available!!
Totally Rebuilt and Reconditioned!
Ready to Ship to You TODAY!!!
Motor Pic 1

Motor Pic 2

NEW ReConditioned
Anilox Blanket Coater Roller
Anilox Roller Pic 1

Anilox Roller Pic 2

Cutler - Hammer Disconnect
Disconnect Pic 1
Disconnect Pic 2

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