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Planeta Press Maintenance Guidelines: An important part of press maintenance is forming good housekeeping habits. Use the following list as a guide for properly maintaining your Planeta press.


1. Lube your press every 40 hours of operation.


2. Keep your press clean.


3. Regularly perform the following visual checks and procedures: . Pull the rollers. . Remove covers. . Clean sumps. . Clean magnetic filters. . Change paper filters. . Give the press a thorough visual inspection.


4. Keep detailed maintenance records.


5. Make sure you are familiar with your press-how it looks and sounds when it is running properly. Log anything out of the ordinary, and note whether it is ongoing, recurring, getting worse or affecting the quality of the work

Nothing affects print quality like improper maintenance practices. Become familiar with your Planeta maintenance guide and follow it closely, Keeping detailed records.

Two important tips for extending the life of your press:

Our Planeta press maintenance service includes:

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